Java Developers: Make the Database Work for You!

Lucas Jellema

This article accompanies the similarly named article in the Dutch Java Magazine. It provides additional resources, some source code and an invitation to the 4 February Masterclass by Lucas Jellema that presents a detailed study of the topics raised in this article. The article itself: Click JavaMagazine_LaatDeDatabaseVoorJeWerken_partOne_dec2010.pdf for this article. Friday […]

AMIS Query – Verslag van Oracle Open World 2009 – dinsdag 27 oktober (uitnodiging)

Lucas Jellema 2

Vorige week was in San Francisco het hoogtepunt van het Oracle jaar: Oracle Open World 2009, de grootste IT conferentie ter wereld. Tijdens deze conferentie ontvouwde Oracle haar strategie en visie voor de komende periode, lieten product managers de nabije toekomst zien van bestaande en nieuwe producten, deelden honderden specialisten […]

SOA & SOA Suite for Oracle Database Professionals – seminars in Perth and Melbourne and Singapore (November 2009)

Lucas Jellema 3

Next month, I will visit Australia and Singapore to present on SOA and the Oracle SOA Suite – to Oracle database developers. In this one-day-long seminar, I introduce the key concepts and objectives of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as well as the Oracle SOA Suite 11g to an audience of database professionals. […]

Extreme performance introduced by patchset smart scan

Gerwin Hendriksen

Larry yesterday did his keynote here at Oracle Open World introducing the “Oracle(R) Exadata Storage Server”. This morning I attended a session about the technical details behind the server. In principal the server works with 8 nodes running RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. For the storage management ASM is […]

OOW Presentation: Optimal Use of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g for Modern Application Development

Lucas Jellema 2

I just completed my second presentation here at Oracle Open World. It discusses Application Development inside and with the Database, introducing and discussing quite a few trends, concepts, best practices and new or rediscovered database features. It was nice presentation to prepare and to present: fun stuff, useful too and […]

Oracle & JDBC – Passing a ‘table of custom object type’ to a stored procedure – implementing efficient single round trip data exchange (part two of an ADF application on a PL/SQL API)

Lucas Jellema 3

One very efficient way of passing data from the Java application to the database is through the use of custom Oracle Types. Even when we want to send a heterogeneous data set, for example a data set with master and details records, custom type based objects can provide a powerful […]