Using OWSM x509 token client policy with OSB 11gR1 PS3

Izaak de Hullu 3

Since 11GR1 Oracle Web Service Manager (OWSM) has been integrated with the SOA Suite. This means you can easily attach web service policies for security and management to your SOA Suite artifacts. In this post I will explain how to attach a x509 client policy and do the configurations  to […]

Embedded Java in a 11g BPEL process

Izaak de Hullu 2

In an earlier blog my colleague Peter Ebell (link) explained how you can create an extension of collaxa.cube.engine.ext.BPELXExecLet to do your coding in a regular Java environment so you have code completion and validation. In 11g no improvements have been implemented and the Java embedded activity is still a pretty dumb […]