Getting started working with Apache Superset – the open source data exploration and visualization platform

Lucas Jellema

Apache Superset is an open source platform for data exploration and visualization. It can be described as an open, free alternative for Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and Oracle Analytics Desktop. Superset connects (through the SQL Alchemy framework) to dozens of SQL compliant databases and can work with CSV and JSON […]

New in AWS: AWS Resource Explorer

Frederique Retsema

Up to now, it was not very easy to see what resources you have in an AWS account. One of the ways to solve this was to enable the AWS Config Recorder and then search in the AWS Config Console. This was, however, not very easy. I’m very happy that […]

Quickest way to run a container on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: container instances

Lucas Jellema

Container Instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are VM based environments that can be leveraged as “serverless” container runtimes. Once a container instance has been defined – which is a very simple, rapid procedure – we can specify the container images (OCI – open container initiative – compliant) for which containers […]

Creating a PostgreSQL gitpod demo

Martijn Pronk

In this blog I will demo how to create a GitPod workspace containing a PostgreSQL database and database tools in VSCode. Lucas Jellema recently created a GitPod workspace with an Oracle Database, and as we’re also increasingly interested in PostgreSQL I wanted to recreate this experiment but now with PostgreSQL. […]

Run your own instance of Backstage in 3 minutes

Lucas Jellema

Backstage is the Developer Portal Platform that has come out of Spotify and now lives under the CNCF (Cloud Native Compute Foundation) umbrella where it is one of the most popular and active projects. Backstage provides a framework an starting point for what typically evolves into your highly customised developer […]

Running OpenTelemetry Demo in Gitpod Workspace–two click install

Lucas Jellema

Recently the OpenTelemetry project launched a demo application that demonstrates many aspects of instrumentation, metrics and trace gathering, providing insight across multi-service, multi-technology application stacks and in general how to leverage OpenTelemetry. The application architecture for the demo stack looks like this: A front end web application – a web […]