Update Go on Linux

Lucas Jellema

It turned out to be a fairly small deal. For reference sake a brief write up of updating the Go runtime on my Ubuntu environment. Current version: go version Find latest releases of Go at https://go.dev/dl/ There is a new one. I copy the link and then run: wget https://go.dev/dl/go1.17.6.linux-amd64.tar.gz […]

Dapr and Kafka–easy binding

Lucas Jellema

Dapr is a runtime framework for distributed applications. Dapr also provides a personal assistant to any application and environment that offers standardized access to different facilities (state, secrets, configuration, pub/sub, actors) and technologies. Simply by using Dapr we can leverage a large number of Dapr components that through the Dapr […]

Personal link shortener in AWS

Frederique Retsema

I like to do presentations about a lot of topics. Most of these presentations are recorded and the link to that recording is then shared to people who couldn’t attend the presentation live. Up to now I used bitly.com to shorten my URLs. Last time that I used bitly I […]

Customizing Dapr–preparing my environment

Lucas Jellema

In other articles I will write about the value of Dapr – as a personal assistant to any application that helps out with state, configuration and secrets, receiving inbound messages, publishing messages and invoking services and that supports microservice architectures through a network of closely collaborating personal assistants to all […]