Quickest way to run a container on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: container instances

Lucas Jellema

Container Instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are VM based environments that can be leveraged as “serverless” container runtimes. Once a container instance has been defined – which is a very simple, rapid procedure – we can specify the container images (OCI – open container initiative – compliant) for which containers […]

Creating a PostgreSQL gitpod demo

Martijn Pronk

In this blog I will demo how to create a GitPod workspace containing a PostgreSQL database and database tools in VSCode. Lucas Jellema recently created a GitPod workspace with an Oracle Database, and as we’re also increasingly interested in PostgreSQL I wanted to recreate this experiment but now with PostgreSQL. […]

Run your own instance of Backstage in 3 minutes

Lucas Jellema

Backstage is the Developer Portal Platform that has come out of Spotify and now lives under the CNCF (Cloud Native Compute Foundation) umbrella where it is one of the most popular and active projects. Backstage provides a framework an starting point for what typically evolves into your highly customised developer […]

Running OpenTelemetry Demo in Gitpod Workspace–two click install

Lucas Jellema

Recently the OpenTelemetry project launched a demo application that demonstrates many aspects of instrumentation, metrics and trace gathering, providing insight across multi-service, multi-technology application stacks and in general how to leverage OpenTelemetry. The application architecture for the demo stack looks like this: A front end web application – a web […]

Which tools and technologies are new and exciting, proven, growing stale–report from Devoxx 2022

Lucas Jellema

A conference such as Devoxx is a great opportunity to get inspired into trying out tools and technologies that may not or only be vaguely be known as they are mentioned or even demonstrated by presenters or discussed in the hallways of the movie theater where the conference is taking […]

Adding Podman to my VM with Minikube (part 2)

Marc Lameriks

For a demo, I needed an environment with Minikube, using the Podman driver as an alternative container runtime to the Docker driver. In my previous article, I shared with you the steps I took, to get Podman in combination with Kubernetes (Minikube), working on my demo environment. [https://technology.amis.nl/recent/adding-podman-to-my-vm-with-minikube-part-1/] In this […]

Adding Podman to my VM with Minikube (part 1)

Marc Lameriks

For a demo, I needed an environment with Minikube, using the Podman driver as an alternative container runtime to the Docker driver. Lucky for me, I had the configuration for such an environment using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox. In the past, I already set up such a demo environment, available […]

Installing Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS, Visual Studio Code and Node.js on a virtual machine using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox

Marc Lameriks

For a TypeScript training, I needed an environment with Visual Studio Code and Node.js (a JavaScript runtime). On my Windows laptop, I wanted to create an environment with Ubuntu as guest Operating System, Visual Studio Code and Node.js available within an Oracle VirtualBox appliance. In my previous article, I shared […]

Migrating Oracle Enterprise Edition database To Standard Edition using Transportable Tablespaces

Johan Buijser

Introduction Oracle database Standard Edition (SE)  has the main features of a RDBMS database and cost significantly less than Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE). Migrating a database from Oracle Enterprise Edition  to Standard Edition can be a consideration ifthe Enterprise Edition options or features are not used (or not required) in […]

Supabase for Persistence and Server to Client Push in Vanilla HTML/JavaScript web application–a step by step guide

Lucas Jellema

Supabase provides a cloud based backend service to web applications. That means that any (static) web application can use Supabase for user authentication and data persistence. Supabase provides a server to client) push notification service and it has server side serverless functions that can for example handle web hooks (triggers […]