Creating a PostgreSQL gitpod demo

Martijn Pronk

In this blog I will demo how to create a GitPod workspace containing a PostgreSQL database and database tools in VSCode. Lucas Jellema recently created a GitPod workspace with an Oracle Database, and as we’re also increasingly interested in PostgreSQL I wanted to recreate this experiment but now with PostgreSQL. […]

Run your own instance of Backstage in 3 minutes

Lucas Jellema

Backstage is the Developer Portal Platform that has come out of Spotify and now lives under the CNCF (Cloud Native Compute Foundation) umbrella where it is one of the most popular and active projects. Backstage provides a framework an starting point for what typically evolves into your highly customised developer […]

Installing Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS, Visual Studio Code and Node.js on a virtual machine using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox

Marc Lameriks

For a TypeScript training, I needed an environment with Visual Studio Code and Node.js (a JavaScript runtime). On my Windows laptop, I wanted to create an environment with Ubuntu as guest Operating System, Visual Studio Code and Node.js available within an Oracle VirtualBox appliance. In my previous article, I shared […]

Migrating Oracle Enterprise Edition database To Standard Edition using Transportable Tablespaces

Johan Buijser

Introduction Oracle database Standard Edition (SE)  has the main features of a RDBMS database and cost significantly less than Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE). Migrating a database from Oracle Enterprise Edition  to Standard Edition can be a consideration ifthe Enterprise Edition options or features are not used (or not required) in […]

Preparation for migrating data to Oracle Virtual Private Database

Jacco Cijsouw

  preparation for migrating data to Oracle Virtual Private Database Introduction Recently I was part of a team involved in the preparation of migration data belonging to multiple business units into a single Oracle 19c database with Virtual Private Database (VPD). The VPD solution is used for the virtual separation […]

What the Ether, part 1 – Ethereum

Ivan Hu

Just like in 2017, blockchain has been all the craze this year. With Bitcoin reaching prices over three times higher than the previous all-time high, everybody has been talking about cryptocurrency and blockchains. And one of the blockchains that has been taking the spotlight is Ethereum. That is why in […]

Closing the gap with Zachman.

Chris Gralike

IT environments tend to become more and more Complex. When planning for new or additions and changes to existing (IT) environments, the necessity to invest in decent preparation and high level design isn’t challenged. Not challenged because alignment with the long term business goals is key in many organizations. In […]