Dapr and Kafka–easy binding

Lucas Jellema

Dapr is a runtime framework for distributed applications. Dapr also provides a personal assistant to any application and environment that offers standardized access to different facilities (state, secrets, configuration, pub/sub, actors) and technologies. Simply by using Dapr we can leverage a large number of Dapr components that through the Dapr […]

Customizing Dapr–preparing my environment

Lucas Jellema

In other articles I will write about the value of Dapr – as a personal assistant to any application that helps out with state, configuration and secrets, receiving inbound messages, publishing messages and invoking services and that supports microservice architectures through a network of closely collaborating personal assistants to all […]

The Release Formula: R = ΔF + ΔNF + ΔQ

Lucas Jellema

TL;DR: a software release introduces changes in three areas: functional, non-functional and quality. Each change should contribute to identified objectives – and the contribution should be measurable. Product teams should strive for release statements that identify the changes, the objective they contribute to and the metric used for measuring their […]

How to unit test a SQL query?

Lucas Jellema 7

A simple challenge: I am working on a SQL query. Not a trivial query. I am trying various approaches. I believe I may have found a solution that works. That produces the correct solution. How can I be sure? How can I try to further refine the query while maintaining […]

The Prototype Pitfall

Lucas Jellema

TL;DR Prototyping is an essential way to determine the technical feasibility and functional desirability of features of a software system. There is a clear and present danger that the prototype is considered to be professional code, peer reviewed and production ready. This risk must be mitigated and anyone involved needs […]