RAC and preventing Active Data Guard: My experiences

Patrick Roozen

When you happen to have a customer that want’s to use Data Guard on Oracle RAC without a license for Active Data Guard then you might want to read this post. You probably have searched on the internet (just like I did) and already found this nice post from Uwe: http://uhesse.com/2013/10/01/parameter-to-prevent-license-violation-with-active-data-guard/ […]

SQL*Plus / SQL*Net Dead Connection Detection

Patrick Roozen

Recently I came across the situation where I knew for a fact that my sessions to the database were dead because I pulled the power plug out of my application server for a failover test. But the sessions stayed visible in the database and kept their locks therefore the failover failed. Now how […]

Hotsos 2008, day 2

Patrick Roozen 1

Just a short impression of a few sessions today, and the day isn’t even over… I’m really loving it being here and seeing all these people thinking and acting about Performance Alex Gorbachev – Workload Management with Oracle RAC This presentation contained a lot of demo’s on Alex’s MacBook, so […]

Hotsos 2008, Day one

Patrick Roozen

Hotsos 2008, first day of the symposium Today I had to make some difficult choices: There are too many presentation to see or just not enough me to go around. Finally I choose to attend: The Keynote by Cary Millsap Semantic Query Optimization by Toon Koppelaars Leveraging Oracle’s Extended SQL […]