SOA & SOA Suite for Oracle Database Professionals - seminars in Perth and Melbourne and Singapore (November 2009) 20188367001

SOA & SOA Suite for Oracle Database Professionals – seminars in Perth and Melbourne and Singapore (November 2009)

Next month, I will visit Australia and Singapore to present on SOA and the Oracle SOA Suite – to Oracle database developers. In this one-day-long seminar, I introduce the key concepts and objectives of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as well as the Oracle SOA Suite 11g to an audience of database professionals. Whether you are a DBA or a Database Developer, SOA is unavoidable in the coming period. But what (exactly) is it? And how does it impact – positively or negatively – the work and lives of database professionals? What can a database professional do to work well with SOA and the SOA technology once that starts being implemented in her or his organization?

What is at the heart of Oracle SOA Suite 11g: composite applications, BPEL PM, and the mediator. The session shows how SOA services can be leveraged from the database, from triggers, PL/SQL units, or even SQL and how the database can publish events to the event delivery network. It covers how the SOA infrastructure can access the database, primarily using Oracle Database and Oracle Advanced Queueing adapter and how database developers can help in doing so efficiently. It ends with hints for applying SOA concepts to "normal" database development.

The seminar has a lot of acronyms (to ensure you can converse with the architects) and even more demonstrations, both in SQL*Plus, the browser as well as the SOA Suite 11g design time and run time. You will see in a very practical manner what this talk of Services really is all about. What you can do with services, what the SOA guys will do with your database and how you can improve your database design and PL/SQL code using the same principles that guide SOA design.

We will discuss database features such as packages and views, Advanced Queues, Native Database WebServices, dbms_epg and XML DB and hook the database into the middle tier. After this session, you will no longer produce a blank stare when SOA is discussed – au contraire, you will be able to participate in the discussions, the design and planning and the implementation of SOA initiatives.


Perth – Tuesday 10th November, Melbourne – Monday 16th November (as part of the  AUSOUG with 20:20 Foresight National Conference series). See for details on date, time, venue and registration for Perth and Melbourne:

The seminar in Singapore is on Friday 20th November (part of the Oracle University Celebrity Specials). Details on the Oracle University Celebrity Specials in Singapore:


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