OOW 2012: Is PL/SQL still alive?

Alex Nuijten

Yesterday Bryn Llewellyn, Distinguished Product Manager, did a session called “PL/SQL Enhancements brought by the latest generation of database technology”. The room was packed. For the upcoming release of the Oracle 12c database the enhancements were broken into three areas: Improved PL/SQL and SQL interoperability In the current version of […]

Advert: Dutch preview event ‘Collaborate 12’

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‘COLLABORATE 12: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community’ is de grootste Oracle gebruikersgroep conferentie ter wereld en wordt jaarlijks georganiseerd in de Verenigde Staten. Het is hét evenement om bij te zijn wanneer je geïnteresseerd bent niet alleen in Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, etc.) maar […]

Subquery Factoring in Oracle 11g

Alex Nuijten 2

For the last two days the AMIS 7Up Workshop took place in our office in Nieuwegein. The training consists of two SQL and another two days of PL/SQL. During the first two days a lot of SQL subjects are reviewed. One of them is Subquery Factoring, better known as the “WITH clause”. […]


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During the ODTUG conference in New Orleans, there were multiple sessions for the Development/DBA. As I consider myself a developer with a great interest in the database, I love going to sessions like these. One of the recurring themes was Instrumentation. During the Expert Panel a question was asked what […]

Where is my WHERE?

Alex Nuijten 10

Sometimes I encounter query which have a WHERE clause that starts with: select … from … where 1=1 and … When asked the reason for this predicate, most of the time (if not all) “Because it’s easy if you want to comment out some of the conditions”. Say you have […]

DBMS_PROFILER Report for SQL Developer

Alex Nuijten 5

Oracle SQL Developer offers the ability to create reports with graphs in it. A number of reports are included with the tool, unfortunately a report which shows information based on DBMS_PROFILER built in package isn’t there. DBMS_PROFILER allows developers to profile the run-time behaviour of PL/SQL code, making it easier […]


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This was the second time I needed to look up how to create an Index Organized Table (IOT) with a Create Table As Select (CTAS). So just a quick entry so I won’t forget…. or at least that I will know where to look. create table [table_name]( [col1] primary key, […]

Contract-Oriented PL/SQL Coding

Alex Nuijten 5

During the Oracle PL/SQL Programming Conference in San Francisco another session I really liked was called "Contract-oriented PL/SQL Coding". In this blog I will go over the basic principles of Contract-Oriented PL/SQL coding as suggested by John Beresniewicz, who did this presentation.