Enhancing fast queries using "Tapio-Indexes"

Gerwin Hendriksen

During the years I have a lot of times encountered performance problems that ended up to be fast queries (less than 10ms) which are executed very much. In these situations the execution plans, from such queries can look like:   OPERATION            OPTIONS                 OBJECT# NAME                         ——————– ——————– ———- ———————————– SELECT STATEMENT                                     […]

Extreme performance introduced by patchset smart scan

Gerwin Hendriksen

Larry yesterday did his keynote here at Oracle Open World introducing the “Oracle(R) Exadata Storage Server”. This morning I attended a session about the technical details behind the server. In principal the server works with 8 nodes running RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. For the storage management ASM is […]

Astonishing way of performance bottleneck analyzing method "GAPP" for complex enterprise technical architectures presented tomorrow at Oracle Open World

Gerwin Hendriksen

Currently waiting on the airport to go to San Francisco. Luckely had the time to write this blog. Last time I checked the number of pre-enrolled people for my presentation "Jumping The GAPP" (Session ID: S300193 at Sunday, September 21 11:45-12:45), I found still a disappointing number. I think the […]

Jumping the GAPP

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present my developed performance profiling approach called “GAPP” at the HOTSOS Symposium 2008 here in Dallas. “GAPP” is an abbreviation of “General Approach Performance Profiling and is based on data mining of all kind of gathered system statistics (but also other data is possible). […]