OOW13: What questions to get answered and plans to see evolved at this year at Oracle OpenWorld Conference

Lucas Jellema

As I am about to start my ninth Oracle OpenWorld Conference, I am wondering what this year’s conference will have in store for me. My schedule is largely filled  up, I know who I am going to meet, where I have to speak and where I need to go. Now […]

Training Oracle ADF 11g, 15 tot en met 19 april

Van 15 tot en met 19 april geeft Luc Bors de 5-daagse ADF 11g training op het kantoor van AMIS in Nieuwegein. In 5 dagen leer je de basis van Oracle ADF 11g. De training bestaat basis uit presentatie, demonstratie en hands on, doorspekt met best practices en voorbeelden uit […]

Advert: Dutch preview event ‘Collaborate 12’

Alex Nuijten 1

‘COLLABORATE 12: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community’ is de grootste Oracle gebruikersgroep conferentie ter wereld en wordt jaarlijks georganiseerd in de Verenigde Staten. Het is hét evenement om bij te zijn wanneer je geïnteresseerd bent niet alleen in Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, etc.) maar […]

2 dagen seminar door Steven Feuerstein: Best of Oracle PL/SQL (8 en 9 december)

Robbrecht van Amerongen

In dit tweedaagse seminar neemt Steven Feuerstein je mee ver voorbij de basismogelijkheden van PL/SQL. Steven zal tijdens dit seminar de best practices behandelen die hij op tientallen plekken in de wereld heeft verzameld en die hij ook mede door zijn nauwe samenwerking met het PL/SQL product team van Oracle […]

More than five years later – we are finally there: Larry Elison announcing Fusion Applications

Lucas Jellema

Larry Ellison: We set out to deliver the next generation of business applications. Our task: Take all of the best features from Oracle’s major application products – including E Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JDEdwards. Rebuild them, on top of modern middleware infrasructure, all written in Java. It took us […]

Oracle Enhances XBRL Reporting Capabilities with UBmatrix, Inc.

Marco Gralike

Oracle posted a press release about their involvement and commitment for UBMatrix XBRL technologies last Wednesday saying (among others):

“To help publicly held companies facilitate the preparation, publishing and automatic exchange of financial statements in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), Oracle will embed UBmatrix, Inc.’s leading XBRL technology into Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System, Oracle announced today.”

“Oracle and UBmatrix are also working together to provide enterprise class storage and management for XBRL-based information in Oracle® Database 11g. Using Oracle Database’s XML DB feature, organizations can easily and quickly store, access and query their XBRL data.”

A lot of you might ask themselves: “Who are or what is UBMatrix ???” and how does it all fit in…


The AMIS team reports from Oracle Open World – big and small announcements, guidance and tips

Lucas Jellema 2

Last night, the AMIS crew that visited the Oracle Open World conference reported their findings in a 3.5 hour session. In segments on SOA & BPM, Middleware, Database, Oracle Applications (AIA) and Development technology, we presented the highlights from close to 1900 sessions – no small feat. And utterly incomplete […]

Oracle Workflow, a brief introduction – Part 1 Setting up an environment

admin 1

Maybe the following question will arise after reading the title: Oracle Workflow isn’t that obsolete technology? The answer can be very short: Yes it is. (Read the SOD on http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/ias/workflow/workflow_sod.html)But it’s still interesting enough to dive into it. Oracle Workflow is heavy used in the E-Business Suite and also used […]

Not able to open forms pages

Thijs Janssen 3

The problem Last week I installed some updates for windows and internet explorer. After installing I tried to open a form page, but instead of opening forms my internet explorer disappeared without any warning. I retried this a few times, also in other environments but the problem occurs every time. […]

Moving warehouses in Oracle 11.5.9

Mark Hartenberg

One of the latest challenges I was involved in, was a project for a worldwide organization that closed the acquisition of another brand.The company of that other brand was using a mixture of all sorts of home-brewn systems and packages to get their business done. Our challenge was to get […]

OOW 2007: (most) presentations available for download

Lucas Jellema

Most of the presentations for the sessions presented at Oracle Open World 2007, last week in San Francisco, can be downloaded from the Content Catalog  at: http://www28.cplan.com/cc176/catalog.jsp. You will need to use the username/password combination cboracle/oraclec6 to download presentations. At http://www.oracle.com/openworld/2007/keynotes.html are all the keynotes, of which the one by […]

Custom sql scripts in OAM

Bas Klaassen

I noticed Oracle Applications Manager has some very handy sql script you can use when monitoring your EBS environment. When starting up OAM, navigate to Site Map —-> Monitoring —-> SQL Extensions The following scripts are available… There is also a way to add your own personal sql scripts to […]

Sharing only the APPL_TOP in 11.5.10

Arnoud Roth 2

In the past days I have implemented a well known architecture to many of my fellow Oracle E-Business Suite DBAs: An architecture that consists of multiple Application Servers. Until version 11.5.10, the common practice was to share the APPL_TOP between multiple Application Servers, and from 11.5.10 onwards Oracle started supporting […]

Working with Mercury Quality Center

Thijs Janssen 6

Last few weeks I’ve worked with Mercury Quality Center (MQC). This product can be used to register the test scenario’s you made. For example the functional tests in Oracle E-business Suite. In MQC the scenario’s can be registered so tests in the future can be done in the same way […]