External Views (XML based)

Marco Gralike

Something new? Eh? Should you do this? Eh? In all, probably not, but for me this was a good exercise towards some more updated demo scripting for my “Boost your environment with XMLDB” presentation or hopefully more clearer relabeled Oracle Open World name for the almost same presentation called “Interfacing […]

Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – XML Data Partitioning – Part 1

Marco Gralike

  There is a Metalink note (563802.1) that has a very good example how XML data storage, partitioning can be achieved in Oracle version (the first officially supported XMLDB database functionality) and onwards. Partitioning can be used in such XML situations to spread the I/O load and it also […]

Dutch Oracle Open World Preview 2009

Marco Gralike

"Almost" Oracle Open World again… AMIS, represented via Peter Ebell, Lucas Jellema and me (Marco Gralike), entered several abstracts for this years Oracle Open World Conference. Probably to our surprise, all of those were honored, and we are in the "luxurious" position to do our best on 7 presentations regarding […]

Oracle Enhances XBRL Reporting Capabilities with UBmatrix, Inc.

Marco Gralike

Oracle posted a press release about their involvement and commitment for UBMatrix XBRL technologies last Wednesday saying (among others):

“To help publicly held companies facilitate the preparation, publishing and automatic exchange of financial statements in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), Oracle will embed UBmatrix, Inc.’s leading XBRL technology into Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System, Oracle announced today.”

“Oracle and UBmatrix are also working together to provide enterprise class storage and management for XBRL-based information in Oracle® Database 11g. Using Oracle Database’s XML DB feature, organizations can easily and quickly store, access and query their XBRL data.”

A lot of you might ask themselves: “Who are or what is UBMatrix ???” and how does it all fit in…


The "X" Product – An X(ML) Database Opportunity?

Marco Gralike 2

“Exadata – Extreme Performance Warehousing“, that’s how the presentation on the last Friday morning from Oracle Open World started (Orig. Presentation Title was “Oracle’s New Database Accelerator: Query Processing Revolutionized”) while speaking about the new database machine. And indeed it was a revolution and it took the blogosphere by night. […]

Quering RSS Feeds The XMLDB Way

Marco Gralike

Actually this is old stuff (2006), but it got lost in a comment section. I think this can still be useful to some and I also post this here for prosperity. Somewhere in 2006 my colleague Lucas Jellema wrote a post on the AMIS Technology site about querying rss feeds […]

Oracle announces XQuilla / XQilla XQuery engine available under the open source Apache 2.0 license

Marco Gralike 1

In the year that XML celebrates his 10th anniversary, Oracle announces to make the XQuilla XQuery engine available under the open source Apache 2.0 license. Via official sources, the following was stated: Oracle is making the XQuilla XQuery engine available under the open source Apache 2.0 license – furthering the […]

AMIS Query, November 6th – Introduction into the practical use of Oracle XMLDB

Marco Gralike

At last notice.


Next week, Harm and I, will give an AMIS Query about the practical use of XMLDB.

In short, I will give an introduction into the XMLDB Features like the Protocol Server, The XDB Repository, Storage and XML Retrieval basics and a an  preview  of my UKOUG  presentation about  XMLDB  storage. Harm will roundup the presentation sessions, with an use  case, in which he applied the XMLDB features to create an adapter for the external (database) world, also based on XMLDB technologies.

Food will be available as always. Registration is free and can be done here:

Hope to see you