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Thanks to Daniel Fink I was able to upload some pictures now. Have a look at my written posts.

In the meanwhile (if you didn’t notice) a not so nice argument is going on about copying other peoples work. In my presentation I used slides from Mr. Thomas Kyte, adjusted pictures from the XMLDB Developers Guide (which I mentioned to the audience) and I couldn’t use material, because I am still bound by Oracle 11g Non Disclosure Agreements I signed for as an employee from AMIS. I left it out, although it probably is not so harmful, but because I couldn’t get consent from Mr. Mark Drake, Sr. Product Manager XMLDB, I didn’t use them. He didn’t had the time to check, because he is very busy as well, presenting in Vancouver, and I didn’t want to really bother him with it.


I think the following is the only honest way to do it (and if you get no consent, live with it):



From: Thomas Kyte
Sent: vrijdag 2
november 2007 12:10
To: Marco Gralike
Subject: Re: Regarding
use of some of your slides (worst practices – oow 2006) / my presentation at
UKOUG 2007

that looks great, I’d be very pleased to
contribute that way.  when is your session, time permitting, I’ll come and sit
in on it.

Marco Gralike wrote:

is it
possible to use some of your slides from your presentation of OOW 2006
I am doing a
presentation on XMLDB during UKOUG and I wanted to use some slides of your
presentation, with your permission, to show what triggered me in making the
(also see my view on some points here
Although the
discussion on your blog triggered me; my presentation will be focussed on
logical and physical design.
By the way I
am not completely sure yet that I have the time (regarding the 45 min timeslot)
to discuss / or use your slides…
A first
(really really first) attempt of the powerpoint presentation is



To be honest, this these practices, can make me very emotional. A lot of sweat and tears go into making a proper presentation; regarding testing, checking and testing and trying to do the best you can, and sometimes it is even in “borrowed” family time (which counts double), besides the employers time.



3 thoughts on “UKOUG – Pictures and some not so nice stuff…

  1. Hi Marco,

    Sorry, but I decided to delete the previous posts. Although you know I’m always up for open sharing of ideas, I was concerned that it was getting too far away from the original subject and that the purpose had been served anyway. More here.

    Terrific to see you again and sorry to hear you had such a hard time travelling here and back. Looking forward to the next time.



  2. Thats a nice discussion you mention. Is that guy going to do a presentation today? I bet he will get a lot more people who will attend than you did 🙂

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