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OGH Oracle Ace Cases with…Marco Gralike


An advert for myself. Wow! How cool is that…


The local Oracle User Group Holland starts on the 16th of April with a new series of presentations given this time by the Dutch Oracle ACE’s and Oracle ACE Directors under the compelling name “Oracle ACE Cases“. They asked me to do the kick-off of the series… A whole evening with just me and “my” Oracle XMLDB. I felt honored, so I said yes, but was also surprised…


I still notice that “people” have problems regarding the “specialism” Oracle XMLDB. Is it development, dba stuff, an architecture, an appliance…? I was very proud to be able to present in 2007, for the first time, on a big symposium called UKOUG, although under the label “Fusion Technology”. In 2008 I had the pleasure to be on the 25th anniversary of the UKOUG, this time I had to “compete” (if you make an attempt, why not grasp for the stars¬†¬†) in the same time slot with a Mr. Tom Kyte and a Mr. Jonathan Lewis and this time my XMLDB topic was relabeled as “Server Technology”.


So the name of the game is changing and being a DBA, I think this correct for core functionality as Oracle XMLDB currently is, at least since the Oracle 11g database release. I also like approaching (performance, architectural, database, etc) problems via a holistic view on the world, something that appeals me in working with the Oracle XML database. A DBA perspective is not enough, you also have to grasp what the development colleagues are trying to achieve and, for example, how it hooks into the middle tier or its place in the business process.


A database never stands alone…


Anyway, if you want to hear my end off the story while trying to achieve (ahum, my attempt that is…) too present like only a Cary Millsap can, with a twist of James Morle‘s humor, register yourself for this Dutch event on the 16th (presented in Dutch). Hopefully a good kick-off to a very interesting series of Dutch Oracle Ace Cases.


Register Here: OGh Ace Case: XML DB with Marco Gralike


PS: …if not…and you are at this years Hotsos Symposium (Dallas), I will be the guy who is listening with awe and great respect to Mr. Chris Date’s presentation and a nickname tag with the text “XML Just Rocks…” (living up to my addictions)