Processing large XML files in the SOA Suite

Emiel Paasschens 13

Read large XML files in chunks . Introduction At my current project, XML files are uploaded by the end-user in order to be processed in the Oracle SOA Suite. The XML files contain information about employers and their employees. Because an employer can have hundreds and even thousands of employees, […]

Spring Mail: Inject SMTP Mail in Java

Emiel Paasschens

Introduction All Java developers know, or should know, that the Spring framework contains a lot of gems. Recently I discovered a new gem: an easy way to send an email with Spring Mail. I’ve implemented the Spring Mail in one single POJO mail class, so you can easily let your […]

Report from presentation ‘JPA 2.0 – What’s new’

Emiel Paasschens

The Java Specification Request 317 (JSR-317) aka JavaTM Persistence 2.0,  (JPA 2.0) has finally reached the last stage, “Completion of Reference Implementation (RI) and Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)”, before it’s officially released. Therefore last week a Knowledge Class was given at Amis with a presentation of the new functionality and […]

IETester: Develop and test your site for multiple versions of Internet Explorer

Emiel Paasschens

When developing or testing your web application, you often have to support different browsers and versions. On Window machines testing for different versions of Firefox, Opera and Chrome is not a real problem as these browsers all allow you to install different versions on one machine. Only Internet Explorer (IE) […]