Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) with Tomcat, OC4J, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and JDeveloper

With JPDA it is possible to propagate changes to compiled classes to the server immediately. This is very handy when you’re debugging your class files. With some older applications you have to restart your application server many times to make changes. With JPDA this is history. In this article I […]

Unit testing Javascripts in Java 6 – Getting started with the javax.script api

I intended to reduce the things I do with Javascript. But maybe Javascript isn’t that bad when you can run it inside java. I’m still working on a very ‘interesting’  project with asp and Javascript files. Since I didn’t create a single JUnit for two weeks I thought it was […]

Using Lucene with Spring Introduction to Spring Modules

While preparing a Lucene presentation and workshop I came across Spring Modules. It’s a small set of libraries that does things the Spring-way. It isn’t included in Spring because it doesn’t belong to the ‘core-business’ of Spring. I’m not writing about the possibilities of Spring Modules,  I’ll only focus on […]

ADF Faces for MyFaces is now called Trinidad

Earlier this year Oracle donated their JSF UI components from ADF Faces to the Apache Software Foundation. Since ADF is more than a set of UI components it was decided to rename the donation to “Trinidad”. The name Trinidad was chosen because it matches with the other JSF subproject called […]