Change UUIDs in VirtualBox

Patrick Barel

If you are anything like me you will have multiple virtualboxes running on your system. Sometimes you might want to run a copy of a virtualbox for different purposes. Like running an Oracle 11 Devdays instance as test environment but also running the same vbox for customer testing. If you […]


Patrick Barel 2

After a presentation by Lucas Jellema I decided to try something with types in Oracle. One of the issues posed in this presentation was that the type cannot self-reference. Neither direct nor indirect.   A table like the emp table cannot be expressed as an object type. The table has […]

APEX 5.0 Early Adopter

Patrick Barel

The long awaited Early Adopter installation is finally available at You can request a workspace here to play around with the new version. I have just been playing around with it for about an hour an from what I’ve seen it’s a big change to what we’re used to […]

ODTUG KScope 2011

Patrick Barel

Last week I attended my very first ODTUG KScope conference in Long Beach, California. I have  attended conferences by ODTUG before, but they were never this broad. Sunday On Sunday I attended the APEX symposium. It was nice to see that APEX is being developed by a rather small, but […]

Pipelined Table Functions

Patrick Barel 8

I have had trouble with a certain view I have to create at the customer site I am currently working at. The view involves 3 SQL queries combined by using a UNION ALL, since the separate queries are mutually exclusive. Using the UNION ALL makes it a bit faster since […]

Dynamic Actions in APEX

Patrick Barel 5

After visiting the OPP/APEXPosed conference in Brussels I decided to write a post on how to create a relatively simple dynamic action in APEX. When you are working with password fields your only visual check to see if the entered text in both fields match may be the number of […]

OPP is coming to Atlanta

Patrick Barel

I have been invited to deliver two talks on performance at the OPP conference, November 10th and 11th in Atlanta. The topics I will address are Pipelined Table Functions and Optimizing SQL with Collections. I will be among some of the best experts in the PL/SQL world, including Steven Feuerstein, […]

Bulk Operations in PL/SQL

Patrick Barel 1

When I was in Chicago for the OPP2008 and APEXposed event I talked to someone who seems to have trouble understanding bulk operations in PL/SQL. I helped him out by providing a test/demo script, that shows how it could be done. First of all, one of the most important rules […]

(Dutch) 7Up cursus.

Patrick Barel

Op 3,4,10 en 11 december organiseert AMIS weer de 7Up training. In vier dagen worden de deelnemers wegwijs gemaakt in de nieuwe mogelijkheden die Oracle biedt. Veel mensen zijn met Oracle 7 begonnen en werken nu met een recentere versie van de database (9, 10 of 11), maar bouwen nog […]


Patrick Barel 4

I ran into an issue at a customer site where certain triggers were disabled in the database where they should be enabled. It appeared that an update script, that is run every night, first disables all triggers on a couple of tables. Then does what it needs to do, without […]