Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client has arrived !

Luc Bors 2

The Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client now is generally available! Ted Farrell, Chief Architect and Sr. Vice President of Tools and Middleware introduced the latest break-through in mobile application development at the BlackBerry User Conference (WES). ADF Mobile extends Oracle Application Development Framework to mobile users. Using Oracle JDeveloper, […]

Report from presentation ‘JPA 2.0 – What’s new’

Emiel Paasschens

The Java Specification Request 317 (JSR-317) aka JavaTM Persistence 2.0,  (JPA 2.0) has finally reached the last stage, “Completion of Reference Implementation (RI) and Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)”, before it’s officially released. Therefore last week a Knowledge Class was given at Amis with a presentation of the new functionality and […]

Schrijf je in voor de ODTUG Sneak Preview op 15 juni 2009!

Michiel Jonkers

Op maandag 15 juni 2009, een week voordat in Monterey de ODTUG 2009 plaats vindt, heb je de mogelijkheid om alvast te horen wat negen sprekers in de VS gaan presenteren, onder hen twee Oracle Aces en twee Oracle ACE directors.   Aino Andriessen (AMIS Services) – ADF Development: More tales from the Trenches Lonneke Dikmans (Approach Alliance) – […]

IETester: Develop and test your site for multiple versions of Internet Explorer

Emiel Paasschens

When developing or testing your web application, you often have to support different browsers and versions. On Window machines testing for different versions of Firefox, Opera and Chrome is not a real problem as these browsers all allow you to install different versions on one machine. Only Internet Explorer (IE) […]

JDeveloper Patch Release available on OTN

Luc Bors

I almost forgot that there was life before JDeveloper and ADF 11g…… As of last week, the JDeveloper release is available for download on OTN: Apparently, this release is only a patch release with bugfixes (see for an overview of the fixes in this release) and no […]

Report from JavaOne 2008 – download session resources

Lucas Jellema 1

Thursday 29th May – some 70 Java specialists gathered to discuss the main themes and findings from the 2008 JavaOne conference. Peter, Wouter and Lucas presented on their experiences in San Francisco earlier this month, demonstrated some of the more memorable (and demoable) products and highlighted their personal favorites. They […]

Mapping composite primary keys in JPA How to work around a bug in Hibernate Annotations

A table without single-column primary key, Java developers don’t like them because it’s more work than just putting @Id on a field. When you’re using Hibernate Annotations you might also run into an annoying bug. In this article I will explain how to map a composite primary key with JPA-annotations […]