Multi select in RichFaces trees

Wouter van Reeven 15

In the past few months I have been involved in a development project where we are using Hibernate, Seam and RichFaces. One of the requirements of our customer is to have a hierarchical data structure represented in a tree structure. We found that the RichFaces rich:tree component meets all the […]

Devoxx 2008: The major announcements

Wouter van Reeven

At the time I’m writing this, Devoxx 2008 is well into it’s second day. Day one was quite interesting, with the major announcement being the release of JavaFX 1.0 last week. Apart from that, IBM presented their RFID technology, which has been incorporated into our access badges. Day two held […]

JavaOne 2008: day 2

The second day of JavaOne 2008 started with a key note by Oracle. After that I attended a presentation about the Swing Application Framework and WebBeans. Next I hung around at the Pavilion and then attended a presentation with THE BEST AND COOLEST demo I have ever seen. Curious? Read […]

AMIS presents at JavaOne 2008

On day 2 of JavaOne 2008, Lucas Jellema and Peter Ebell did a presentation about enabling company and user level customizations of JSF applications. Using the title "Did We Spoil The End User? Building Personalization into JavaServer Faces Technology-Based Applications" they entertained the public in a role playing presentation. Lucas […]

GlassFish and AMIS present: GlassFish and OpenESB

Wouter van Reeven

In March 2006, NL-JUG (the Netherlands Java Users Group) and Sun Microsystemsorganized a University Session about GlassFish. Now, two years later, GlassFishhas evolved into much more than just an Open Source application server for JavaEE5. Using add-ons like OpenSSO, Hudson, Metro and OpenESB, GlassFish becomes arobust and highly scalable application […]

JFall 2006

Wouter van Reeven

On October 11, 2006, the Netherlands Java Users Group, NL-JUG, organised their biannual Java Conference. Since the second conference of this year was held in October, it was called JFall. In this weblog I will describe my experience of that day.

Getting started with the API part III : starting with jars not in the OOo install dir

One of the first things OOo developers learn is to make sure the juh.jar, jurt.jar, ridl.jar, sandbox.jar and unoil.jar files should be on the classpath and should be in the original directory they were installed in while installing OOo. On a Windows machine, this directory is C:\Program Files\ 2.0\program and […]