Providing RichFaces support for NetBeans: learning it from the master

Earlier this week, Geertjan Wielenga asked me if he could come and visit me to watch the Netherlands beat France in the soccer match on Friday, June 13. Of course I said yes! So, Geertjan is visiting me right now in our AMIS office in Nieuwegein. While he is here, he has guided me through the code of the NetBeans RichFaces Support project. Thanks to Geertjan I now have contributed my first code to this project. In the next few weeks/months we should be able to get drag and drop support for RichFaces components in NetBeans.

Thanks for helping me out here Geertjan! For the curious, please visit Geertjan’s blog to see his prediction of tonight’s soccer match. And yes, the happy guy on the photo is me  Here’s an image of Geertjan in our office.

One thought on “Providing RichFaces support for NetBeans: learning it from the master

  1. Hi Wouter,

    thanks for your great efforts in supplying support for Netbeans RichFaces.

    I have downloaded the sources of this project from the repository at Now I would like to integrate the latest version of RichFaces jar, 3.3.0.

    Is it possible for myself to just replace the 3.2.1 libraries with the newest 3.3.0 libs from JBoss and update the references in RichFaces.xml? Or is it more difficult than that to include the newest jars?

    Thank you in advance.

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