First Day at OOW2009

Peter Ebell

My OpenWorld 2009 started out this morning with a keynote by Tom Kyte named "What Are We Still Doing Wrong?". A lighthearted presentation with lots of funny examples of bad coding practises. After that, things heated up with an "OSB Deep Dive", presented in her usual inspired – and inspiring […]

Embedding Java in BPEL process

Peter Ebell 10

Oracle BPEL has a special Activity called “Java Embedding”, that allows you to include some “inline” Java code into a BPEL process. Unfortunately, you don’t get Java type-in support in the editor behind the Java Embedding activity, which makes coding a lot more difficult. Furthermore, it is not straightforward to find […]

Problem with HTTP Binding of BPEL Process

Peter Ebell 3

BPEL processes are very Web Service centric, and a typical way to launch a BPEL process, or to communicate with a running BPEL process instance, is through SOAP web service calls. (That is, of course, unless the BPEL process uses File-, FTP-, Queue and/or Database Adapters to listen to and react […]

Enqueuing AQ JMS Text Message from PL/SQL on Oracle XE

Peter Ebell 6

Today I was configuring a message driven bean to listen to an AQ queue. The tutorials and examples I found had me create the queue like this: dbms_aqadm.create_queue_table( queue_table=>’MY_QUEUE_TABLE’ , queue_payload_type=>’SYS.AQ$_JMS_TEXT_MESSAGE’ , multiple_consumers=>false); With this queue type, I managed to configure the Message Driven Bean successfully on an OC4J 10.1.2 […]

Forms to Java migration at ODTUG

Peter Ebell 6

Although the presentations at ODTUG this year cover the entire spectrum of Oracle-based application development, from Forms and PL/SQL to ADF, SOA Suite and APEX, the ODTUG crowd is still a relatively Forms-oriented bunch. It is therefore not surprising that this audience drew a number of vendors offering Forms to […]