Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client has arrived !

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The Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client now is generally available!

Ted Farrell, Chief Architect and Sr. Vice President of Tools and Middleware introduced the latest break-through in mobile application development at the BlackBerry User Conference (WES). ADF Mobile extends Oracle Application Development Framework to mobile users. Using Oracle JDeveloper, application developers can rapidly develop mobile applications that support mobile users accessing critical business data through either on-device mobile client or mobile. ADF Mobile Client supports a complete on-device client framework that works and performs consistently regardless of connectivity. The framework enables developers to develop one application that can be deployed to multiple mobile device platforms.

I wrote the OTN article to support the introduction of ADF Mobile Client: “Developing for BlackBerry Smartphones using Oracle JDeveloper and ADF Mobile”. According to Joe Huang (Senior Principal Product Manager Mobile Platform, ADF/JDeveloper) this article will contribute to getting ADF Mobile Client out to the market.

Click to go to the ADF Mobile Homepage, where you find all the resources.

Have fun working with ADF Mobile Client.

2 thoughts on “Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client has arrived !

  1. Hi Luc, a query regarding using Web Service as a Data Control in ADF Mobile. We started off following the ADF mobile tutorial (MobileFOD in 4 parts) and also succeded in data sync using your tutorial. But, for some reason we are failing in using a Web Service as a data source in ADF Mobile. The same web service (a simple select 3 columns from a table implemented through DB Adapter in a BPEL) can show data in simple ADF Jspx page. What is the trick in using it sucessfully in ADF Mobile? Please can you help / give some hint. many thanks..

  2. Hi,
    I have been working on jdeveloper adf mobile client…I want to create a blackberry application wherein i want my own customized look and feel(for eg., windows style button or customized style buttons or input text boxes). According to my observation trinidad-config.xml is not created in mobile client how can i define or customize my own style and look and feel for components?

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