Easy Implementation of viewScope or pageScope in JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.x

Lucas Jellema

While the 2.0 release of the JSF specification will do something about it, the 1.x implementations of JavaServer Faces only offer request, session and application scope. Many JSF implementations have added additional scopes, such as the processScope in ADF Faces and the conversation scope in SEAM. Another frequently desired scope, […]

Report from JavaOne 2008 – download session resources

Lucas Jellema 1

Thursday 29th May – some 70 Java specialists gathered to discuss the main themes and findings from the 2008 JavaOne conference. Peter, Wouter and Lucas presented on their experiences in San Francisco earlier this month, demonstrated some of the more memorable (and demoable) products and highlighted their personal favorites. They […]

Mapping composite primary keys in JPA How to work around a bug in Hibernate Annotations

A table without single-column primary key, Java developers don’t like them because it’s more work than just putting @Id on a field. When you’re using Hibernate Annotations you might also run into an annoying bug. In this article I will explain how to map a composite primary key with JPA-annotations […]

JavaOne 2008 – CommunityOne Highlights: Grails, jMaki, EclipseLink, OpenSocial and OpenSSO

Lucas Jellema

The first action packed day is over. I have written on some of the most interesting topics I attended sessions on yesterday. For details on: OpenSSO, see https://technology.amis.nl/blog/?p=3129 OpenSocial API and Project SocialSite, see https://technology.amis.nl/blog/?p=3132 EclipseLink, see Wouter’s blog and my comment https://technology.amis.nl/blog/?p=3131 In this article some shorter comments about […]

Accessing Google Calendar from Oracle ADF Application – Displaying Events in Gantt Chart

Lucas Jellema 2

 Google Calendar (http://www.google.com/calendar) is one of the many services offered by Google. It allows users to manage a personal or shared agenda on line, from the comfort of their own browser. In an easy to use web interface, agenda entries can be created and edited. Google Calendar can also send […]

How to implement Amazon webservice in ADF

Johan Tuitel 2

This article demonstrates how to build an ADF application on top of the Amazon WebServices for searching books. 1. Start jdeveloper 10.1.3. 2.0(or newer) 2. Build a new Application Application name: AmazonWebservice Directory name: c:\projects\AmazonWebservice Application Package prefix: aws Application Template: Web Application[JSF, ADF BC] 3. Rightmousebutton at viewController > click new. New Gallery […]

Maven JMeter plugin and report generation (the last steps to get it working)

JMeter (http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/)is a powerful tool for functional and performance testing web applications. JMeter, opposed to selenium, also works perfectly on generated applications (like Oracle ADF ). One of the key strengths of JMeter is the automation. The same test can be repeated after each (minor) release. This is a great […]

EclipseLink – Youngest Open Source Project provides venerable Java Software – TopLink’s enterprise level Object Relational and Object XML mapping now open source

Lucas Jellema 1

Some months ago, Oracle announced its plans to donate the high end Object Relational Mapping Framework TopLink to the open source community. To be more specific: under the EclipseLink it will be part of the Eclipse platform. The EclipseLink homepage can be found at: http://www.eclipse.org/eclipselink/ . At this point, no […]

Getting started with Eclipse 3.3 WTP 2.0 and JSF – will this JSF editor beat JDeveloper?

A few days ago a brand new Eclipse release popped up in my RSS reader. Eclipse 3.3 with WTP 2.0. After browsing through the new features I was very surprised that it included a brand new JSF editor. I thought this sub-project died very slow and painful. What I will […]

Apache My Faces Trinidad: triggering Partial Page Refresh ("AJAX") from non Trinidad components

Lucas Jellema 1

In a recent post – Apache My Faces Trinidad: dynamically refreshing Non Trinidad components in a Partial Page Refresh (”AJAX”) – I have introduced the AJAX infrastructure inside Apache MyFaces Trinidad, called Partial Page Rendering and almost equal to the PPR mechanism in ADF Faces. In that article, I demonstrated […]