ADF @ UKOUG 2012 Conference

Aino Andriessen

Next three days the annual UKOUG conference hits the town of Birmingham. It’ll be three full days packed with Oracle content on a broad range of subjects on Database, Middleware, Development, Fusion, APEX, MySQL, Business and Strategy all divided in 17 tracks. My interest will (off course) focus on ADF. […]

ADF table filtering on MySQL is failing

Aino Andriessen

Table filtering, aka Query by example, is a great feature of ADF tables. This feature provides filterboxes on top of a column(es). and filters the data based on the values in the filterbox: This works like a charm on an Oracle database, but when you use MySQL the filtering doesn’t […]

Change the JDeveloper system directory

Aino Andriessen

De system directory is where JDeveloper stores the user specific settings, configurations and also (for 11g) the default domain of the embedded weblogic server. It uses the JDEV_USER_HOME environment variable to dettermine the location. If it’s not set is uses a default directory, for 11g on windows XP that’s <user […]

Manage JDeveloper external libraries

Aino Andriessen

Although JDeveloper provides loads of libraries out-of-the-box, you often need other libraries in your application. You can easily add these libraries via the project properties. This provides two options: ‘Add Library’ and ‘Add Jar / Directory’. We normally us the Add Library option because it allows to include the JavaDoc […]

Versioning an Oracle ESB service

Aino Andriessen 1

We recently had a case that required a new version of an Oracle ESB service alongside the old version to provide backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, this is not supported for 10g ( ESB service; it will be with composite services in the 11g SOA suite. One way to accomplish this is […]

ODTUG 2008

Aino Andriessen

The ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in New Orleans has just finished with the Apex vs ADF session of Lucas Jellema and Dimitri Gielis. They both demonstrated that you can create a fully functional and appealing application within a day. They made it very clear that is was not a shoot-out. Both […]

ODTUG first day impression

This first day of the ODTUG conference / Kaleidoscope featured the Fusion symposium. Fusion relates to the Oracle Middleware platform and contains a lot of technologies and products. It includes new ones like the ESB, BPEL, Webcenter, ADF Ajax as well as existing products like Enterprise Java, Oracle BI, webservices […]


In this blog, Steven Feuerstein writes about PL/PDF, a pl/sql library to generate PDF files. Sounds very interesting. It seems very easy to use, as is shown by an example on the site: CREATE OR REPLACE package body test  is  procedure pdf is    l_blob blob;  begin    plpdf.init; — initialize    plpdf.NewPage; […]

KC Advanced Java

Aino Andriessen

The last KC Web and Java session was titled ‘Advanced java’. During that session we got presentations and workshops on four subjects: annotations, threads, introspection/reflection and generics.