Oracle WebLogic 12c has been announced americas cup win 2682133k1

Oracle WebLogic 12c has been announced

Yesterday I received the announcement of the new Oracle WebLogic 12c, on the 1st of December 2012. You can register for a webcast on

So, what’s there to be expected. Personally I think WebLogic has been made Exalogic ready, according to Mike Lehmann, Director of Product Management for Oracle WebLogic.

Some of the few features I expect:

More  Exalogic features like:
  • Parallel muxers with Java NIO APIs for low-level I/O based operations
  • An optimized work scheduler providing improvements to the Increment Advisor used to manage the size of WebLogic Server’s Self-Tuning Thread Pool
  • “Lazy” de-serialization of session data on the replica server until required.
  • Multiple replication channels for synchronous in-memory session replication between servers in a WebLogic cluster
  • Adjustments for supporting the  Infiniband and SDP
Furthermore: Java EE 6 (finally!), GridLink for RAC, Oracle Traffic Director,  Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder plus tight integration with Enterprise Manager Console 12c. The Administration console will stil be there to server earlier BEA customers.