Oracle WebLogic 12c has been announced

Michel Schildmeijer

Yesterday I received the announcement of the new Oracle WebLogic 12c, on the 1st of December 2012. You can register for a webcast on So, what’s there to be expected. Personally I think WebLogic has been made Exalogic ready, according to Mike Lehmann, Director of Product Management for Oracle […]

Some WebLogic Administration Essentialsbook reviews

Michel Schildmeijer

Some people were asked to review my book, here are some links: Edwin Biemond Jurgen Kress Markus Eisele Frank Muntz

My OOW Schedule

Michel Schildmeijer

These are sessions I will try to follown at OOW 2011. Tuesday I will be present at the Oracle Publishers and Writers seminar. More is yet to come! 09105  –  Oracle Exadata/Oracle Exalogic: The Magic Wand for the Aging Application Infrastructure,” 28661  –  Web Architecture Introduction, Overview, and Agenda,”10/2/11″,”12:00″,”10/2/11″,”12:30″,”Moscone West […]

Oracle Forms 10g Tuning tips

Although there are quite some new screenbased application techniques, a lot of companies use the traditional Oracle Forms & Reports. Even with the transition to an entire new application server, WebLogic, Oracle has  ported their traditional applications like Forms to the 11g stack. In this article I will guide you […]

Oracle WebLogic 10.3.4 new features

Michel Schildmeijer 7

Along with some other new productreleases like the SOA Suite, Oracle launched the new WebLogic 11g Release 1 (10.3.4). There are many new features available, but one can see Oracle’s strategy is to focus on availibility and reliability. I will highlight some important improvements. For more detailed descriptions, see The […]

the WebLogic Nodemanager

Michel Schildmeijer

As in my experience at customers, one of the more confusing things of a WebLogic  Server environments is the NodeManager. So, what is the NodeManager and what does it do? The NodeManager is  nothing more than an operating system process running in a JVM. In fact it is a sort […]

Oracle WebTier multiple OHS instances

Michel Schildmeijer 4

It´s possible to map your Oracle WebTier environment to multiple servers that host applications like ADF, SOA Suite or UCM This is the way how to do it: To connect your WebTier to multiple WebLogic domains, create multiple OHS instances               1.  Create the needed OHS instances: UCM, OSB, SOA & ADF Set the ORACLE_HOME to […]

Got lost in several locations of Oracle installations?

Michel Schildmeijer 2

Ever wondered what to find in which directoy, in for example an Oracle SOA Suite 11g installation? (patchset 2) Well, here´s the general rule: – The toplevel layer –> Called the Middleware home; toplevel of all components, usually something like /app/oracle/weblogic/Middleware (or make your own choice) – The WebLogic Server layer–> Location […]

Monitoring availability Admin and managed servers in WebLogic 11g

Michel Schildmeijer

Here an simple example how to monitor if your AdminServer and managed servers are up and running with WLST Run it with $WL_HOME/ common/bin/ -loadProperties <property_file> <script_name>    ($WL_HOME is the location of your WebLogic server directory, like /opt/oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3) Property file( admin_server=<name adminserver> admin_server_port= wluser=weblogic wlpassword=<password> clustername=[name] domain=<domain_name>   script: import […]