Quickest route to Your First Handson Experience with GraalVM – Katacoda Scenario with live environment and step by step tutorial

Lucas Jellema

TLDR: This Katacoda Scenario has a live runtime environment with GraalVM 20.1 prepared for you including an easy to click-through step by step scenario that does a live demonstration of most aspects of GraalVM (modern Java runtime, Ahead of Time compilation to native executable, polyglot runtime platform and the platform […]

Productivity Boosting features in Windows 10

Lucas Jellema

I ran into a valuable 17 minute YouTube movie with tips over some useful Windows 10 features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do06MPWf9E4 I created this short list as a personal reminder: Virtual Desktop – multiple desktop pages for different circumstances (per customer, technology, work and private, for specific demos or recording webinars) (Windows + […]

How I create multi-layer videos with talking head, slides, sound and simple effects with OBS Studio

Lucas Jellema 1

Using videos to announce events, explain complex topics, draw attention to causes and entertain community members is powerful. Until recently, I did not create any videos. Too hard. Requiring complex, expensive equipment. That was my thinking. Until recently a colleague introduced me to OBS Studio – Open Broadcaster Software. With […]

The Six-part REAL Oracle Cloud platform Webinar Series – Cloud Native Live Demo and Hands-On Oracle Developer Meetup sessions – kicking off June 10th 2020

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Attend this series of six live webinars to get going with cloud native application development on the Oracle Cloud platform, created and presented by REAL specialists. The Red Expert Alliance (aka REAL) is a network of Oracle partners on four continents that have joined forces to share knowledge and experience […]

Set Terraform Resource properties from an element in a list retrieved by a Data Source – using a local value

Lucas Jellema

Terraform is a platform for implementing Infrastructure as Code. Terraform defines a syntax for describing resources and provides an engine that interprets the resources definitions, compares this desired state with the existing state in the destination environment and subsequently attempts to bring the destination in line with the desired state. […]

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Monitoring – Alarm triggers Notification when Metrics satisfy Condition

Lucas Jellema

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gathers metrics from all OCI resources. These metrics can be visualized and analyzed with the Metrics Explorer. And Alarms can be defined with rules evaluating the metrics that publish to a Notification Topic to signal a situation of interest. Subscriptions can be defined on these Notification Topics, […]

OCI Serverless Functions invoking other Functions – synchronous and asynchronously through API Gateway and Streaming

Lucas Jellema 2

OCI allows for cloud native application development, using facilities such as serverless functions, a light weight API gateway, a streaming service for asynchronous communication based on event messaging and built-in monitoring. In previous articles, I have gone over several aspects of serverless functions and API Gateways to create and expose […]

Using OCI Monitoring Healthchecks to Schedule execution of Serverless Functions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Execution of scheduled jobs based on a time schedule is a frequent requirement. Jobs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are often implemented using cloud native, serverless Functions – that can be exposed through (public) HTTP endpoints on an API Gateway. I recently published an article describing how execution of functions can […]

Deprecated: (!First Steps) with Oracle Cloud’s Pub/Sub Service: Oracle Messaging Cloud Service

Lucas Jellema

Fire and forget messaging is a powerful concept. Asynchronous, decoupled communication is key to scalability and independence of services. Oracle Cloud provides a pub/sub solution called Oracle Messaging Cloud Service. This is an HTTP based publish and subscribe mechanism for asynchronous communication – based on persistent messages and durable subscriptions. […]