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How to open IDCS Console from OCI– Finding the entry to Identity Cloud Service

I have just spent way too much time on finding the way to the Oracle IDCS console from within my OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) console. I was reading a bunch of interesting articles on using IDCS to protect access to OCI Functions and I was trying to follow along. However, these articles started more or less by saying: open your IDCS Console – without explaining how to get there.

Now that I know it, it is simple. Of course. So I share it for your sake – and for mine because I am bound to forget about this again.

EDIT (29th November 2021): I was just informed by Jan Willem Veldhuis of the following: IDCS is being merged into OCI IAM. Soon it will show up as “Identity Domain” in the OCI console replacing the old IDCS console. Check this document for details:

In the OCI Console’s search box, type IDCS.


The search result is shown and it will include in the Resources list a resource of type Identity Provider that is called  OracleIdentityCloudService. Click on that entry.

This will take you to a screen that looks like this:


Click on the URL marked as Oracle Identity Cloud Service Console. This will take you to the IDCS Console:


This is where you can add applications that you want the IDCS to be the Authentication Provider for. As described in some nice articles:

Creating a web site using OCI services Part 4 – protecting part of your site with Identity Cloud Service –

Creating a 3-legged OAuth Application in IDCS –

IP Address Whitelisting in Oracle Identity Cloud Service –

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