Online Videos with Lucas Jellema–Live recording of Talks, Interviews and Stuff

Lucas Jellema

Oracle Code Rome 2019 –  Business and IT Agility Through DevOps and Microservice Architecture Powered by Containers and Cloud: Turn Data into Business Value – Starting with Data Analytics on Oracle Cloud – Oracle Groudbreakers Podcast: Database Golden Rules: When (and Why) to Break Them (January 2019): Oracle […]

Installing Minikube and Kubernetes on Windows 10

Lucas Jellema

Quick notes on the installaton of Minikube for trying out Kubernetes on my Windows 10 laptop (using VirtualBox –not Hyper-V) Following instructions in  Download Windows installer for MiniKube: Run installer After running the installer, open a command line window Download kubectl.exe curl -o kubectl.exe Copy downloaded file […]

JSON manipulation in Java 9 JShell

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In this article I will demonstrate how we can work with JSON based data – for analysis, exploration, cleansing and processing – in JShell, much like we do in Python. I work with a JSON document with entries for all sessions at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017 conference ( The Java […]

Java 9 – First baby steps with Modules and jlink

Lucas Jellema

In a recent article, I created an isolated Docker Container as Java 9 R&D environment: In this article, I will use that environment to take few small steps with Java 9 – in particular with modules. Note:this story does not end well. I wanted to conclude with using jlink […]

Recording, slides and code resources for Oracle Code session: Real Time UI with Apache Kafka Streaming Analytics of Fast Data and Server Push

Lucas Jellema

On YouTube, you will find the 44 min recording of my talk on Oracle Code San Francisco (October 2017): The slides are on SlideShare: Real Time UI with Apache Kafka Streaming Analytics of Fast Data and Server Push (OracleCode San Francisco 2017) from Lucas Jellema All code sources are […]

Watch Oracle OpenWorld 2017 Keynotes On Demand

Lucas Jellema

Watch Keynotes on YouTube using these links: Larry Ellison (Sunday Oct 1st) – Dave Donatelli (Tuesday Oct 3rd) –  Thomas Kurian (Tuesday Oct 3rd) –  Larry Ellison (Tuesday Oct 3rd) –  SuiteConnect – Evan Goldberg (Wednesday Oct 4th) –  JavaOne Keynote (Monday Oct 2nd) – […]

When Screen Scraping became API calling – Gathering Oracle OpenWorld 2017 Session Catalog with Node

Lucas Jellema

A dataset with all sessions of the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld 2017 conference is nice to have – for experiments and demonstrations with many technologies. The session catalog is exposed at a website –  With searching, filtering and scrolling, all available sessions can be inspected. If data is available in […]