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Productivity Boosting features in Windows 10

I ran into a valuable 17 minute YouTube movie with tips over some useful Windows 10 features:

I created this short list as a personal reminder:

  • Virtual Desktop – multiple desktop pages for different circumstances (per customer, technology, work and private, for specific demos or recording webinars) (Windows + CTRL + D to create one, Windows + CTRL + left and right arrow to switch between desktops; Windows + ALT + F4 to drop a virtual desktop altogether)
  • Windows Sandbox
    (read my article Windows Sandbox – light weight playground for R&D, tutorials and workshops)
  • Snipping Tool (four types of areas and a delayed snap – 3 or 10 second delay before the screenshot is taken) (Windows + Shift + D)
    • Windows key + Print Screen key, to take screenshot; picture will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.
  • Quick Assist (create a remote connection with another Windows user to watch and even control their screen/system)
  • Shake Window (to close all other windows): click on window bar and move mouse in a shaking fashion
  • Snap Window to left or right hand side of the screen
    : Snap lets you snap any window to any half or quadrant of the screen; just drag the window’s title bar to an edge or on the side of the screen and the app simply arranges it in its own space. At that moment when the app is placed using this feature, Snap Assist also comes into picture and helps you quickly snap other apps in the leftover space.

    These shortcuts are available for quick snapping:


  • Focus Assist (to set rules on showing/blocking notifications – for chat, email, news, system messages)
  • Clipboard History (all CTRL+C actions saved to running history that can be synched across devices; to see the history: Windows + V)
  • Hide/Show Desktop Icons
    (Windows + D to go to desktop,  right click on desktop, View| Show Desktop Icons – toggle on and off)
  • Nightlight (adjust lighting especially for work late at night)
  • Windows + X – open menu for ‘power options’ including PowerShell , System options, File Explorer (also Windows + E), PowerOptions, …
  • To control which apps are running in the background and save some battery power and data, go to Settings > Privacy > Background apps.
  • Windows Timeline: an overview of all recent activity in Microsoft applications, including individual Office 365 files and Edge browser tabs; this is shown below the windows overview you get with Windows + Tab. This it easy to return to something you were working on before.
  • Useful touchpad gestures understood by Windows 10:
      • Scroll: Scroll window horizontally or vertically with two fingers.
      • Zoom in/out: in or out using two fingers pinching on the touchpad as if on a touchscreen.
      • Right-click: Tap with two fingers on the touchpad.
      • Show desktop (Windows + D): Swipe opposite to screen using three fingers.
      • See all windows (Windows + Tab): Swipe towards the screen with three fingers.
      • Switch between windows: Swipe left or right using three fingers.


YouTube Movie:

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