The Technology Stack for Oracle Applications Release 12

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On Pankaj Chandiramani’s Blog we can find a lot of information with regard to the technology Oracle will build the Release 12 edition of the E-Business Suite on. Pankaj works as an application engineer for Oracle India and apparently has access to this information. He confirms the message we picked up at ODTUG recently that Apps 12 uses Forms 10.1.2 and the 10g (10.1.2) release of the Application Server. To quote his most recent article : “Oracle JInitiator will no longer be required to run Oracle Forms in
E-Business Suite Release 12.  Oracle Forms in Release 12 will run
directly in the native Sun Java2 Standard Edition plug-in.  This will
be our standard configuration for Release 12.
” and

“Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 will use
Oracle Application Server 10g for its application tier.  We’re
officially in the 21st Century now, so it’s about time.

This long-awaited configuration will use:

  • OracleAS 10g 10.1.2.x for Forms and Reports services.  This will
    replace the elderly 8.0.6 ORACLE_HOME provided by Oracle9i Application
    Server in Release 11i.
  • OracleAS 10g 10.1.3 for Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J).  This
    will replace the aging 8.1.7-based ORACLE_HOME provided by Oracle9i
    Application Server in Release 11i, and herald our switch from
    JServ to Oracle Containers for Java.

3 thoughts on “The Technology Stack for Oracle Applications Release 12

  1. Isn’t it amazing that the message we had at ODTUG matches up with what Oracle are actually doing!!…Its almost like we are telling the truth ;o))

    Joking aside – it is nice to see out Forms Strategy message being visibly backed from the Apps community so customers can really see our strategy is based on what we ourselves are doing..

  2. Lucas
    Steven Chan (whom I believe was at ODTUG) had confirmed this tech stack a while back (specific Rel12 archive page is > ). If you’re at all interested in Apps Tech, you should monitor his blog at >, as Steven has a long history in the Apps Tech group. Only fair too, since he gave the AMIS site a mention as a recommeded tech site!.

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