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Robert is a experienced Fusion Middleware / SOA developer and Oracle ACE Associate. He focuses in particular on building service-oriented business processes. He is mostly very good in IT technologies like Java / JEE, Oracle and SOA. Where his specialty is with BPEL, SCA, SOAP, XPath, XML, OEP, Java, JAX-WS, Advanced Queueing, and PL / SQL.


  1. We have found that if we use a DB based MDS during development, JDeveloper will open and hold onto a database connection for each dependency it requires for the WSDL and XSD references, as well as any child ‘includes’ that it needs. This is causing a problem with our database connections, requiring our DBA to set the connections allowed to over 1200 for our team of 8 developers. Have you encountered this problem and/or found a solution for it?

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