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4 thoughts on “(2/2) Using the MetaData Services (MDS) in a SOA environment

  1. Hello , if I need to modify a schema already placed in MDS , how I can do it ? these files are read only inside JDev

    1. Usualy you will have a local MDS in SVN and edit schema there and update your remote MDS using your local MDS.

      In 12c you can transfer files from Remote MDS to Local MDS en simple change it and transfer it back to the remote MDS.

  2. We have found that if we use a DB based MDS during development, JDeveloper will open and hold onto a database connection for each dependency it requires for the WSDL and XSD references, as well as any child ‘includes’ that it needs. This is causing a problem with our database connections, requiring our DBA to set the connections allowed to over 1200 for our team of 8 developers. Have you encountered this problem and/or found a solution for it?

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