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Robert is internationally recognized for its deep technological insight in Oracle technology and this are this views. He is a speaker at (international) conferences and is a frequent blogger and participates in OTN ArchBeat Podcasts. Robert one of the two SOA/BPM SIG leads for the Dutch Oracle User Group (OGh) and organizes these meetups. He works closely with the SOA Oracle Product Management team by participating in the Beta programs. In 2015, Robert was named Oracle ACE for SOA and Middleware because of these contributions.


  1. Hi,
    nice post!
    Sadly the sources are no more downloadable could you update the link.
    Tnx in advance!

  2. Great work in sharing your Knowledge.
    I see that your using my mds scripts and that you add some extra code which changes the endpoints in the wsdl’s
    Beware aware that you also need to do this for acceptance and production.
    A better approach is remove this endpoint code keep the generated sar files, deploy these to acceptance etc and use deployment plans on the composites , to override the endpoints .
    Then you know for sure that the same code exists on acceptance and production.
    thanks Edwin