I don’t like the Mediator

Luc Gorissen 6

Ok, so there you have it: I just don’t like the Mediator. I don’t really know why. But now that it’s in the open, let’s discuss it. I often see a pattern where a composite with a synchronous operation is implemented with a Mediator and BPEL component: I think that […]

Synchronizing databases through BPEL services

Lykle Thijssen 1

Introduction This blog post is about how to synchronize two databases through BPEL, focusing on transaction, rollback and fault handling. During a project, I’ve encountered a situation where we wanted to migrate from an old database to a new one. However, in order to gradually move external systems from the […]

SOA Suite 12c: First look at SCA Composite features

Robert van Molken

Oracle released SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) bringing a further integration between components and a bunch of new features. This blog is one in a series of new features summaries about SOA Suite 12c to view them all check this blog. This blog will summaries the features specific to SCA Composites […]

Uitnodiging: Kom kennismaken met AMIS

Robbrecht van Amerongen

Hierbij nodigen we je uit om met ons kennis te komen maken. Ben jij een (junior) Oracle consultant die een stap verder wil maken? Wil je verder groeien en ontwikkelen tot principal consultant? AMIS geeft je de kans om die stap te zetten.  Bij ons krijg je de ruimte om […]

SOA Suite 11gR1 PS3 – Some new BPEL features

Lucas Jellema 1

The Patch Set 3 for SOA Suite 11g R1 that was released last weekend brings bug fixes, stabilization, further integration between components and a bunch of new features. Most of them not spectacular, but quite useful all the same. More to please users of the product than perhaps potential buyers… […]

Embedded Java in a 11g BPEL process

Izaak de Hullu 2

In an earlier blog my colleague Peter Ebell (link) explained how you can create an extension of collaxa.cube.engine.ext.BPELXExecLet to do your coding in a regular Java environment so you have code completion and validation. In 11g no improvements have been implemented and the Java embedded activity is still a pretty dumb […]

Investigation into the true parallellism of the Oracle BPEL PM Flow activity in 11g (Technical Preview 4) – on flow, sequence, wait and (a)synchronous calls

Lucas Jellema

  The Flow activity is used to configure parallel activity in BPEL processes. In theory, activities contained in two or more branches (sequence containers) inside a Flow activity are executed in parallel. However, some sections in the BPEL PM documentation raise some doubt: "By default, Oracle BPEL Process Manager executes in […]