Hands-on: Synchronize your database from a webservice with JAX-WS and ADF Business Components

Frank Houweling

This step-by-step starter hands-on provides an example how to make a JAX-WS webservice proxy in JDeveloper, and save retrieved data from this webservice in a batch-job to your own database with ADF Business Components. Duration: 60 minutes. For this hands-on example, imagine that your company wants to expand internationally and […]

Change the JDeveloper system directory

Aino Andriessen

De system directory is where JDeveloper stores the user specific settings, configurations and also (for 11g) the default domain of the embedded weblogic server. It uses the JDEV_USER_HOME environment variable to dettermine the location. If it’s not set is uses a default directory, for 11g on windows XP that’s <user […]

Manage JDeveloper external libraries

Aino Andriessen

Although JDeveloper provides loads of libraries out-of-the-box, you often need other libraries in your application. You can easily add these libraries via the project properties. This provides two options: ‘Add Library’ and ‘Add Jar / Directory’. We normally us the Add Library option because it allows to include the JavaDoc […]

Configure JDeveloper 11g to work with Spring 2.5 and AOP

Lucas Jellema 1

In a recent article I described the interaction between JavaServer Faces (1.2) and Spring Framework (2.5.x): https://technology.amis.nl/blog/6655/spring-a-surprise-on-a-jsf-developer-how-spring-beans-can-become-jsf-managed-beans. I created a JDeveloper 11g web application that I ran on the integrated WebLogic Server 11g (10..3.2). In this article I will explain the configuration steps I had to go through for making […]

Migrating the ADF 10g Hierarchical Table Report to JDeveloper & ADF Trinidad and onwards to 11g (RichFaces)

Lucas Jellema

  In a recent article, I discussed how to create a fairly structured hierarchical report – table style – using ADF 10g not-so-rich Faces – see creating-a-read-only-hierarchical-table-report-with-adf-10g. The temptation is very large to open the project from that article in JDeveloper 11g and see what I can do with the […]

Spring 2.0 in Oracle JDeveloper

Erik Kerkhoven 2

On Oracle OTN Shay Shmeltzer has written an article that explains how to use the Spring framework within JDeveloper and how to best setup JDeveloper for Spring 2.0. Interface21 has announced that the final release of Spring 2.0 is planned onSeptember 26th, 2006. http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/howtos/1013/SpringwithJDev/index.html Shay will show “(…) some of […]