The Bible for ADF Developers – Best Practices, Guidelines, How-to’s: the works!

Lucas Jellema

Steve Muench is known as ADF Evangelist, spreading the Gospel from some wonderful location near the Mediterraneum, writing undocumented samples for advanced and usually essential pieces of functionality in Oracle ADF Applications as well as responding to hundreds of threads on the OTN discussion forum. Now he has sat down with a bunch of ADF specialists, product developers and product managers and others, to bundle all these best practices, tips, work-arounds etc. Over 1300 pages of extremely useful stuff. Of course, lots of things we already gathered ourselves, the hard way. But put together, with the logic behind it and the demo application to illustrate the explanations, it is pretty much the Essential ADF guide.

It is called “Oracle® Application Development Framework Developer’s Guide For Forms/4GL Developers 10g Release 3 (” and was released a couple of weeks ago on OTN. You can download the PDF or go straight to the HTML version: . Some additional information
is found at: .

The Developer’s Guide has information for novice developers, providing a gradual introduction into ADF Application Development. On the other hand, it has lots of advanced stuff on pretty important topics such as deployment (this would have helped Rob! – see Deployment on Oracle 10gAS 10.1.2 – , security, performance tuning, debugging, team development etc.

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No WinFS! - ZFS rules? - others...

Today I read a remarkable statement in the Dutch Automatiserings Gids - they claim that Windows WinFS will not only not be embedded in Windows Vista but also will not be used anymore on filesystem level but only will continue to exist in the next generation SQLServer versions. For me, WinFS would have been a clear sign from Windows that they would be more agressively enter the Google Search/Desktop market but also (from a database point of view) would enter the Oracle Content Server market. This would be a good chance for Oracle to promote / market their Oracle Content Server product more.This is the second filesystem item this week that draw my attention. Via orablog I also read about Sun's ZFS via the blog of Christo Kutrovsky on The Pythian Group pages. The self-healing aspekt of ZFS sounds very promising...and the file system in all caused a lively discussion the Christo's blog entry, if it had the potention to be a replacement for Oracle's ASM the moment it is released on other that Sun OS/hardware.
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