Create simple Java application to post JSON message to CometD Bayeux Channel using Apache HttpClient and Maven style NetBeans project

Lucas Jellema

The objective discussed in this article is to post messages to a CometD Bayeux Channel with a standalone Java Class – without dependencies on CometD. For example to control from Java the Slideshow introduced in the synchronized Slideshow demo application created using CometD (see previous articles Push based synchronized Slideshow […]

Publishing to CometD Bayeux Channel from inside the Oracle Database – PL/SQL based push to CometD Web Client

Lucas Jellema 1

In recent articles, I have introduced CometD as framework for Server to Client and Client to Client Push: Running CometD 2 examples – locally on Tomcat using Maven and NetBeans, CometD 2 Java Client Sample – open project in NetBeans based on Maven pom file, modify sources and run […]

Push based synchronized Slideshow demo application implemented using CometD and jQuery running on Tomcat

Lucas Jellema 2

In a string of recent articles, I have discussed downloading, installing and running demos for a number of different tools, frameworks and libraries that support push-style (web) applications in one way or another. I have looked into ‘classic’ comet with Grizzly, Atmosphere and CometD as well as ADF Active Data […]