Rapidly spinning up a VM with Ubuntu and k3s (with the Kubernetes Dashboard) on my Windows laptop using Vagrant and Oracle VirtualBox

Marc Lameriks

In November of last year, my colleague Lucas Jellema, wrote an article with the title “Ultra fast, ultra small Kubernetes on Linux – K3S beating minikube”. [https://technology.amis.nl/2019/11/12/ultra-fast-ultra-small-kubernetes-on-linux-k3s-beating-minikube/] For training and demo purposes, on my Windows laptop, I already had an environment with a guest Operating System, Docker and Minikube available […]

OCI Serverless Functions invoking other Functions – synchronous and asynchronously through API Gateway and Streaming

Lucas Jellema 2

OCI allows for cloud native application development, using facilities such as serverless functions, a light weight API gateway, a streaming service for asynchronous communication based on event messaging and built-in monitoring. In previous articles, I have gone over several aspects of serverless functions and API Gateways to create and expose […]

Deprecated: (!First Steps) with Oracle Cloud’s Pub/Sub Service: Oracle Messaging Cloud Service

Lucas Jellema

Fire and forget messaging is a powerful concept. Asynchronous, decoupled communication is key to scalability and independence of services. Oracle Cloud provides a pub/sub solution called Oracle Messaging Cloud Service. This is an HTTP based publish and subscribe mechanism for asynchronous communication – based on persistent messages and durable subscriptions. […]

Scheduling Oracle Cloud Function execution

Lucas Jellema 4

Functions on Oracle Cloud are an important element in any cloud native application architectures. Functions are typically small, well contained and fairly independent pieces of logic to carry out specific tasks. These tasks can be executed upon reception and handling of HTTP requests – a very common use case – […]

Java Microservices: What do you need to tweak to optimize throughput and response times?

Maarten Smeets 1

Performance tuning usually goes something like followed: a performance problem occurs an experienced person knows what is probably the cause and suggests a specific change baseline performance is determined, the change is applied, and performance is measured again if the performance has improved compared to the baseline, keep the change, […]