JMS do's and don'ts

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While studying JMS, a friend suggested the JMS Application Architectures article to me, written by Roland Barcia. This article presents and discusses various JMS concepts (such as state versus application decoupling) as well as various use cases when/how/when not to apply certain JMS-based architectures.

Eclipse/CVS quickstart

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For anyone who wants to get started with Eclipse 3.0 and CVS, for future reference I quote a section from the “Eclipse Tips — July 21, 2004”, as it provides a nice introduction into this topic

WordPress FAQ


There is a WordPress FAQ available, full with info useful for both the admin and the normal Blog user! For the last category the “Publishing using WordPress” section (on the right) will be worth a look.

EJB threshold

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Years ago, i believe Q4-2000, we made a website that almost from the day it went live had to serve some rather heavy content with 30.000 hits a day. We finally settled on a cluster of 3 Tomcat-4 servers, 2 MySQL DBs, some homebrewed caching (site was read-mostly), some light […]

EJB 3.0 info on JavaWorld

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Since we are comparing O/R tools here, the EJB 3.0 developments shouldn’t be missed either. EJB 3.0 in a nutshell, An overview and critical analysis of the latest EJB specification by Anil Sharma, offers an excellent survey! Moreover, after reading this article, it also seems that Hibernate and EJB 3.0 […]

O/R mapping tools – comparison

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For a very extensive comparison between seemingly all the O/R mapping tools known to mankind check this wiki page. Perhaps a relevant observation: despite the zealoting, Toplink, OJB and Hibernate (by far _the_ most popular ORM-tool, and the basis for EJB3) all seem to offer roughly the same functionality. And […]

Interview Bruce Tate

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A very good, thoughtprovoking interview on EJB3, lightweight containers and AOP with Bruce Tate (author of Bitter Java, Bitter EJB and his latest, Better, Faster, Lighter Java) can be found here.

Eclipse webtools

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The Eclipse webtools subplatform is live, with two initial code submissions from Lomboz and IBM. More info here. The submission by IBM is looking _really_ good: it’s like a free version of WSAD (WebSphere Studio Application Developer). Must delve deeper into this before making any conclusive comments though. While on […]

Sequence beans: auto-increment of primary key fields

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An auto-incremet of your primary key field whenever a new record is inserted, is a feature commonly found in many databases (e.g., the auto_increment of MySQL, the identity field in Hypersonic SQL or the sequence in Oracle). If you want such a feature for your entity beans, a sequence (generator) […]

EJB m:n relationship in JBoss + Xdoclet

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As a (promised) follow-up on the uni-direcional CMP/CMR example in EJB CMP/CMR example with JBoss+Xdoclet, we present a many-to-many (m:n) relationship example here, albeit in much less detail. For more details the reader is referred to the above post.

PLDoc release 0.8.2 Available

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At 21st July 2004, release 0.8.2 of the PLDoc open source project for generating JavaDoc style documentation for PL/SQL Code (and now also Tables and Views) was published. PLDoc is very useful for producing high quality and standardized PL/SQL Documentation. It is good to see how active this project is! […]

EJB CMP/CMR example with JBoss+Xdoclet

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In this post I’ll first discuss how to implement a unidirectional one-to-one relationship with EJBs, JBoss and Xdoclet in abstracto, using two tables called table1 and table2. Thereafter I’ll present a concrete example, illustrated with (more detailed) code excerpts.