ADF in Action – slides and demonstration from OUGF 2014

Lucas Jellema

During this week’s OUGF 2014 Harmony conference in Haltia, Finland I presented on Oracle’s premier application development framework: ADF.

ADF is the strategic application development framework for Oracle, a core element in Fusion Middleware. ADF can be used to create large scale, enterprise applications. It can be used to create entirely license free applications. It can be used to create cloud applications and also applications that can be used from all kinds of mobile devices.
This presentation provides an overview of ADF: what it consists of, what it can be used for, what it is better not used for, what does it take to (learn how to) develop ADF applications is an important question that is addressed. The presentation features several demonstrations of the both the first HelloEmployees application as well as a number of advanced ADF mechanisms.

If you have not recently – or ever at all – seen ADF in action, and application development does take place in your organization, this session is a valuable quick introduction and overview.

Here are the slides that visualize the demonstration that I did during this session.

They show in many small steps (that take approximately 20 minutes) how to create the application that when complete looks like this:image

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