Oracle has changed the Exchange rate of the Euro to 0.8682


For years the number of 0.7893 meant something to those who are working on regular basis with licenses in Europe. This number is the ‘Current local Pricing Exchange rate’.

And Oracle is entitled to change this rate twice a year:


This rate remained rock solid for the last couple of years, but Oracle has decided to change this rate at February 3th, 2015.

The new rate of the Euro is now 0.8682.

A few (unofficial) examples of the consequences:


ProductlicenseList price in dollarsOld Euro price
New Euro price
RDBMS EEproc47.50037.49241.240
Diagnostic packproc7.5005.9206.512
Weblogic Suiteproc45.00035.51939.069


When you feel the urge to take your calculator: this is an increase of 10%.


Exchange rates :

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