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Oracle Warehouse Builder


What a great presentation about Oracle Warehouse Builder tonight!

At the end of the evening the presenter, Raymond de Vries, told me: ‘it was my first presentation for a KC (Knowledge Center), so i thought i’d better do my best!’

And that you did!

First he gave us a good insight in the current situation in the (Oracle) BI world.  Oracle has taken over Siebel, and we can expect some beautiful Discoverer-like tools from Oracle in the future.

Then we went over to Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2. Most of the attendants were amazed by what is possible with this this new version of this tool. Raymond demonstrated how you can import data from several sources (Tables, an Excel sheet), then ‘clean’ your data with profiles, which OWB can suggest himself (it recognizes Datums, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and suggests profiles to make sure that all the data you import is in this style, these rules are of course also regionally adjustible).

Then he built several Analytical workspaces using Molap (Multidimensional Analytical Processing (a.k.a. for my understanding: a cube)) and Rolap (Relational Analytical Processing (using Tables)). One could see how he  mapped the columns from the cleaned source Tables to the new environment with several aggregation levels and then build the environment.

This tool should not only be taken into account for building warehouses, but as a matter of fact for every kind of data cleaning or migration job there is.

I’m looking forward to Raymond’s presentation and Workshop (we didn’t have time for the latter, while the good man spoke until 20:30) and will post them both here as soon as possible.