AMIS Technology Weblog in 2007: #1 Article: Anton's Solve Sudoku in SQL; 438.053 different visitors (USA and India on top), 877.504 page views; 67% new visits


2007 was another active year on the AMIS Technology Weblog. With over 300 new articles from 20+ different AMIS authors, we produced a lot of content, on topics varying from Oracle DBA to Java security, from JavaScript to Oracle BI EE and from SOA to Project Management. The weblog attracted a steady number of visitors – apart from clear peaks around JavaOne and Oracle Open World and a yearly low in the Christmas season, the number of weekly visits is pretty constant all year round (about 13,000). Counted over the year, 67% of all visits was from new visitors, 33% from returning ‘friends’. 49% uses IE, 46% FireFox.

74% of the traffic came from search engines, 18% from referrals from other sites (primarily; 8% was direct.  Most popular search terms were ‘spring jdbc’ ‘ejb 3.0’ and ‘fndload’.

The most popular article – with almost 10.000 visits – was Solving a Sudoku with 1 SQL-statement: the Model-clause by Anton Scheffer ( "The (AJA)X Files – On the built-in AJAX facilities of ADF Faces for zero-code Rich User Experience" ( was a close second, our all time favorite "Starting with Jasper Reports" (, January 2005) was third  and "Solving VMware network problems on Linux VMware guests" ( came fourth.

Google Analytics disects the visitors and visits to our website. It is more strict in counting distinct visits and page views than our own WordPress statistics – but probably paints a fairer picture. It is interesting to see where our visitors come from:

The top 10 is as follows:


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