Oracle Workflow, a brief introduction – Part 1 Setting up an environment

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Maybe the following question will arise after reading the title: Oracle Workflow isn’t that obsolete technology? The answer can be very short: Yes it is. (Read the SOD on it’s still interesting enough to dive into it. Oracle Workflow is heavy used in the E-Business Suite and also used […]

Software Deploying using ANT

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Some time ago a customer of AMIS asked me to setup the automatic deployment of  the software for their application. Till then this was done manually, took an awful lot of time and was rather error-sensitive. The application itself is a multi-tier application with an Oracle database, a Micro Focus […]

ASM made easy


Great article about ASM on the website of Howard Rogers:   For both Linux and Windows.

My First Oracle XE

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After the announcement of Oracle XE I got really curious about the possibilities of a free Oracle10g database. OK, it is limited to 4GB and it doesn’t allow things like partitioning but still… very usefull for smaller companies and web applications. So, I downloaded the Win32 version from OTN to my laptop […]

Functional Partitioning

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We all know partitioning for performance issues or for storing historical data. But partitioning can also be used for functional purposes such as creating a savepoint in batchrun. Such a savepoint can be used to undo a specific part of a batch without the use of home made software. Lets […]

Hibernate and Middlegen revisited


In my last two posts (Hibernate + Middlegen Roundtrip Development applied and Hibernate: dealing with lazy loading inevitable), I explained how to construct a J2EE application bottom-up using Hibernate and Middlegen. It turns out that you can and actually should optimize the generated .hbm and .java files by Middlegen. I […]

Overflow in Wp-Dstats2 WordPress plugin?

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There seems to be a problem in the PHP code of the Wp-Dstats2 statistics plug-in for WordPress. The problem occurs when your number of unique visitors (unique IPs) grows large, typically somewhat less that 30.000.

WSRF: modeling state with Web Services


In the whitepaper titled Modeling Stateful Resources with Web Services by Ian Foster et. al. the latest developments with respect the modeling of state with web services are very clearly introduced and discussed. Together with Karl Kesselman, Ian Foster is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Grid […]