Oracle Workflow, a brief introduction – Part 1 Setting up an environment

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Maybe the following question will arise after reading the title: Oracle Workflow isn’t that obsolete technology? The answer can be very short: Yes it is. (Read the SOD on it’s still interesting enough to dive into it. Oracle Workflow is heavy used in the E-Business Suite and also used […]

AMIS Technology Weblog in 2007: #1 Article: Anton's Solve Sudoku in SQL; 438.053 different visitors (USA and India on top), 877.504 page views; 67% new visits

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2007 was another active year on the AMIS Technology Weblog. With over 300 new articles from 20+ different AMIS authors, we produced a lot of content, on topics varying from Oracle DBA to Java security, from JavaScript to Oracle BI EE and from SOA to Project Management. The weblog attracted a […]

Functional Partitioning

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We all know partitioning for performance issues or for storing historical data. But partitioning can also be used for functional purposes such as creating a savepoint in batchrun. Such a savepoint can be used to undo a specific part of a batch without the use of home made software. Lets […]

Hibernate and Middlegen revisited


In my last two posts (Hibernate + Middlegen Roundtrip Development applied and Hibernate: dealing with lazy loading inevitable), I explained how to construct a J2EE application bottom-up using Hibernate and Middlegen. It turns out that you can and actually should optimize the generated .hbm and .java files by Middlegen. I […]

WSRF: modeling state with Web Services


In the whitepaper titled Modeling Stateful Resources with Web Services by Ian Foster et. al. the latest developments with respect the modeling of state with web services are very clearly introduced and discussed. Together with Karl Kesselman, Ian Foster is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Grid […]

Evaluation Omondo EclipseUML Free Edition

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UML diagrams are used during (almost) the whole software product development life cycle: from requirements analysis (use case diagrams) to deployment (deployment diagrams). In this post I will review the freely available Omondo UML plugin for Eclipse. Recently a version for the latest Eclipse 3 became available. In a forthcoming […]

JBoss Joins Eclipse


From Eclipse News: JBoss Joins Eclipse, Releases Application Server 4.0 Open-source firm JBoss recently unveiled the release of Application Server 4.0 and detailed an alliance with the Eclipse Foundation. Both announcements indicate that the company is expanding its open-source presence, as well as becoming more of a contributor to the […]

Talk on Open Source Databases

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Thursday the 7th of October a presentation was given on Open Source databases during an Amis (Server Development and Programming Languages) Knowledge Center meeting. The aim was to present a survey on Open Source databases and to make a comparison with commercial databases, in particular Oracle, of course.

Hibernate + Middlegen Roundtrip Development applied

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In Hibernate Roundtrip Development, a scenario is presented to generate (Hibernate) POJO objects from a (legacy) database, also known as a bottom-up approach: We applied this strategy to a MSSQL server database with a jTDS JDBC driver. We discuss the steps involved, analyse the results produced, and stipulate a pending […]

Databases for absolute beginners


Preparing slides for a presentation on Open Source Database Systems, I stumbled upon Open Source Database Systems, a neat 15 page PDF document, introducing (open source) databases, SQL, hardware requirements for database servers and concepts such as ACID. If you are new to databases, this document can get you started […]

Use JAX-B or Castor for document-style encoding?

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For my Open Source project, I want to expose a stateless session bean (SLSB) as web service using JBoss 3.2 and Axis 1.1. Now I’m wondering whether to use JAX-B or Castor for my document-style encoding, since the information I found in “Create Web services using Apache Axis and Castor” […]

JMS do's and don'ts

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While studying JMS, a friend suggested the JMS Application Architectures article to me, written by Roland Barcia. This article presents and discusses various JMS concepts (such as state versus application decoupling) as well as various use cases when/how/when not to apply certain JMS-based architectures.

Eclipse/CVS quickstart

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For anyone who wants to get started with Eclipse 3.0 and CVS, for future reference I quote a section from the “Eclipse Tips — July 21, 2004”, as it provides a nice introduction into this topic

WordPress FAQ


There is a WordPress FAQ available, full with info useful for both the admin and the normal Blog user! For the last category the “Publishing using WordPress” section (on the right) will be worth a look.

EJB 3.0 info on JavaWorld

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Since we are comparing O/R tools here, the EJB 3.0 developments shouldn’t be missed either. EJB 3.0 in a nutshell, An overview and critical analysis of the latest EJB specification by Anil Sharma, offers an excellent survey! Moreover, after reading this article, it also seems that Hibernate and EJB 3.0 […]

Sequence beans: auto-increment of primary key fields

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An auto-incremet of your primary key field whenever a new record is inserted, is a feature commonly found in many databases (e.g., the auto_increment of MySQL, the identity field in Hypersonic SQL or the sequence in Oracle). If you want such a feature for your entity beans, a sequence (generator) […]