Demo application advanced Forms features (ODTUG 2006 version)


Demo application advanced Forms features (ODTUG 2006 version)

Last June,  I held a presentation at the ODTUG conference in Washington DC “Oracle Forms: Productivity with new choices”. During this presentation I showed a demo application, which is an improved version of the one I previously published on this blog

This demo demonstrates the following advanced features of webforms:

  • New GUI features
  • Sortable blocks
  • Outlook tabbed bar
  • Tree items
  • Webutil examples
  • Pluggable Java Components (PJC’s)
  • Buttons with a form and an icon
  • Buttons with a rounded edge
  • Enhanced Java Bean Support
  • Integration of JFreeChart Charts with Oracle Forms
  • Java importer
  • Zipping and unzipping of files

You can download this demo application from the following URL

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  1. Matthieu de Graaf on

    Hello Francois,

    I’ll do this when I’ve extracted the zip bean demo from the demo application.



  2. Hi Steve,

    Somehow clicking on the url I’ve given to you doesn’t work. If you copy and paste the URL in a browser window though, everything should work fine.



  3. Steve Quigley on

    The link you provided for download appears to be password protected.