AMIS is a company that enables intelligent operations by leveraging real-time data. We are pioneers in modern technology and take pride in the tangible impact we create. AMIS does what others talk about.

AMIS specializes in designing, building, and managing systems that deliver measurable returns through performance improvement and innovation. We do this through the following three propositions:

Intelligent IoT:

  • We empower organizations to strengthen their information position with real-time, up-to-date data.
  • By connecting the physical world with the digital world, we provide a powerful integrated platform for digital innovations.
  • This enables business processes to be rapidly, accurately, and reliably controlled.

Intelligent Integration:

  • We provide organizations with a superior information position by making all available data accessible and actively used.
  • We connect data sources, applications, organizations, and users.
  • This results in automated, fast, accurate, and reliable data processing and information delivery.

Intelligent Data Platforms:

  • We ensure that organizations don’t have to worry about the valuable and vulnerable data of their assets and processes.
  • We offer robust storage and access to large volumes of dynamic data.
  • This results in secure, fast, reliable, and highly available data storage and access.

With these intelligent solutions, we help organizations strengthen their information position, improve processes, and gain valuable insights from their data. As a result, these organizations enhance their effectiveness, efficiency, risk reduction, user-friendliness, compliance, and innovation power.

AMIS’s reputation for technological excellence is illustrated by the AMIS technology blog founded in 2004. This blog serves over 5,000 daily visitors and is among the top three most visited technology blogs in the world for Oracle and Microsoft Azure content.