Enterprise Manager Convert to Cluster Database (RAC) fails without showing errors at Pre Configuration phase


Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c provides a wizard to convert a single-instance database to an Oracle RAC database. This requires the Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

When converting the database to a cluster database, after proving all the required details in the wizard,  a job is executed to prepare the environment and to create the new RAC cluster database.

The job fails at phase Pre Configuration without errors in the output.log.

There are no hard errors in the alert.logs or agent logfiles which may give a clue.


The cause of this problem is a setting in the $ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin/glogin.sql.
(Check your SQL prompt in the job output log, the prompt may be set using the glogin.sql)

Once the glogin.sql temporary has been renamed, the job can be restarted in Enterprise Manager and it finishes successful.

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