Oracle Open World; day 4 – almost done

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Almost done. It’s not expected that tomorrow, thursday, will be a day full of new stuff, exciting news. Today, wednesday was a mix for me between ‘normal’ content like sessions about migrating to Oracle Enterprise 13.2 (another packed room) and a very interesting session about the Autonomous Database.  Just a short note about a few sessions (including the Autonomour Database of course).

As mentioned, sessions with ‘normal’ content, in this case, migrating a database of 100TB in one day – with Mike Dietrich, are quite popular. We may almost forget that most of the customers are thinking about the cloud, but at the moment just focussed on how to keep the daily business running.

The session about Oracle Enterprise Manager, about upgrading to 13c (a packed room) is quite rare. Two years ago there were a lot of presentations about this management product, this year close to none. I’m very curious to know what happens after 2020. Oracle Management Cloud is coming rapidly. But… Oracle is using it quite heavy in the public cloud, so it is expected it won’t dissappear that fast. Here are the timelines:


Foto 04-10-17 11 03 01 (1)


At the end of the day, a session was planned about the most most important announcement of Oracle OpenWorld, preview of the autonomous database.

Quite peculiar, at the very end of the day, in a room that was obviously too small for the crowd.

A view outlines. The DBA is still needed, only the general tasks are disappearing:

Foto 04-10-17 15 38 54 (1)

The very rough roadmap .

Foto 04-10-17 16 10 48 (1)

This Data Warehouse version is already there in 2017. This was technically ‘easier’ to accomplish. The OLTP autonomous database has more challenges.

Foto 04-10-17 16 10 48 (2)

And a very important message to the customers: a SLA guarantee.

Foto 04-10-17 16 01 11 (3)


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