No WinFS! – ZFS rules? – others…


Today I read a remarkable statement in the Dutch Automatiserings Gids  – they claim that Windows WinFS will not only not be embedded in Windows Vista, but also will not be used anymore on filesystem level, but only will continue to exist in the next generation SQLServer versions. For me, WinFS would have been a clear sign from Windows that they would be more agressively enter the Google Search/Desktop market but also (from a database point of view) would enter the Oracle Content Server market. Given the current situation, Oracle has an opportunity to promote/market their Oracle Content Server product more.

This is the second filesystem item this week that draw my attention. Via orablog I also read about Sun’s ZFS via the blog of Christo Kutrovsky on The Pythian Group pages. The self-healing aspekt of ZFS sounds very promising…and the file system in all, caused a lively discussion on Christo’s blog entry, if it had the potention to be a replacement for Oracle’s ASM, the moment it is released on other than Sun OS/hardware.

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